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        Automotive Electronics

        ASMPT provides innovative and cost-effective solutions that help you successfully meet the industry’s demand for faster and powerful devices.

        AD8312 Plus Series

        Automatic Die Bonding System (12” wafer handling)

        Eagle AERO

        For High-end IC Applications


        eClip Plus Series

        Automatic Clip Bonding System

        FIREBIRD TCB Series

        Automatic Thermal Compression Bonding System

        Ultrasonic Wedge Bonder


        Heavy Aluminum Wire Bonding System

        Transfer Molding

        IDEALmold? 3G

        Automatic Encapsulation Solution (strip / reel form substrate handling)


        Automatic Die Bonding System (12” wafer handling)

        MP-TAB Series

        Automatic Trim & Form System

        NUCLEUS Series / NUCLEUS-XL Series

        Multi-Purpose Precision Pick & Place Tool

        20 Pickheads System


        Fully Automatic Turret Sorting Handler


        Automatic Die Bonding System (8” wafer handling)

        Laser 1205

        UV Dicing System

        Other Applications